All by Grace

An autobiography of pastor David L. Saint

In the year 2008 I had the privilege of travelling to the United States with my son Billy, his wife Inés, and their little son Johann, three years old.  During a part of our itinerary, driving in our car the long distance between Illinois and Utah, while my son was at the wheel, I got the idea of jotting down on the blank pages of a Spanish-English dictionary we carried with us specific cases when the Lord guided us as a family over the years.

The list of experiences and miracles grew longer and longer, and encouraged me very much as I remembered so many stories and testimonies. From that list came the desire to write in book form, for God´s glory and to inspire others, a narration of my walk with Christ,  which later included  my wife and kids, a walk that encompasses practically all my life, since I received Jesus as Savior at age five.

Over time I have been privileged to read several biographies, such as Billy Graham´s “Just as I am”, R.G. Letourneau´s “Mover of men and mountains” and others which have been and are today a source of inspiration and encouragement. I feel grateful to the Lord for these people who took the time and made a personal effort in sharing their stories in written form to bless others, and this also motivated me to share mine too.

The title “All by the grace of God” has the purpose of personally giving the Lord all the glory by recognizing and declaring that “I (and we) can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (us). Philippians 4:13, and also that “Separated from me (Jesus) you can do nothing”.  John 15:5 (B). I also desire to give personal testimony that “…the grace (undeserved favor) of our Lord was…abundant… (to me)”. I Timothy 1:14, and to imitate David the psalmist who said, speaking of his Creator:  “To express my gratitude and tell about all His wonders”. Psalms 26:7.

If this simple narration helps to awaken faith and hope, and inspire my kind readers, I will feel more than satisfied.